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Spacecoin (SPACE)

A digital currency to use throughout the universe.


The spacecoin mission objectives.

Spacecoin is on a mission to provide a currency and financial infrastructure for life in space.
The mission will be accomplished with advanced technology and by establishing a strong community of space and crypto enthusiasts.


Spacecoin features and technology.


Decentralization is at the heart of Spacecoin's core beliefs. With a network built from users all over the world, anyone is free to use Spacecoin. No political or financial games, just transactions!


Spacecoin had no premine or Initial Coin Offering (ICO). There is also no founders reward, all block rewards go to the miner or staker. This makes SPACE a true community coin.


Spacecoin is 50% Proof of Work and 50% Proof of Stake. A perfect blend between miners and stakers generating new blocks. The hybrid setup allows coins to be distributed to both miners and investors alike.

Fast Transactions

Spacecoin has 30 second block times, allowing for fast transaction confirmations. No long waits to use your own coins. Fast enough for practical real life use.


Spacecoin uses Zero-Knowledge Proofs to shield transaction data. Private transactions provide you with financial freedom in a world full of censorship.

Atomic Swaps

Spacecoin is trading on the decentralized exchange AtomicDEX using atomic swaps. No longer rely on centralized exchanges to trade your coins when you can do so p2p.


CryptoConditions are a standard format for expressing conditions and fulfillments. They can be used to develop UTXO smart contracts and dApps on the blockchain. To learn about developing modules, try reading the book Mastering CryptoConditions.


Tokens are available for use on the SPACE blockchain. Create and use your token without the worry of high fees or slow blocks. Tokens can be used to represent various types of traditional financial securities.


Use an Heir Fund to make sure your Spacecoin and tokens stay safe after your death. Heir Funds will automatically pass coins or tokens onto the specified heir after a predeterminde time of inactivity.

Key Value

The SPACE blockchain functions as a decentralized database for Key Value pairs. Anyone is free to read and write their own data with just a couple of commands.


Spacecoin is built from Komodo Platform's smartchain technology. It inherits all of komodo's features and will benefit from future updates. Spacecoin is an independent blockchain with it's own network and is not tied or limited to Komodo.


All of the Spacecoin specs you need to know.

Block Generation
50% PoW | 50% PoS
Mining Algorithm
Equihash 200,9
Block Time
30 Seconds
Block Eras
Block Reward
(by era)
36 SPACE | 27 SPACE | 18 SPACE
Block Era Ends
(at block)
939,393 | 3,757,572 | 12,212,109
325,343,422 | 638,474,735 | 951,606,048
Max Supply
5,898,454,281 SPACE
Premine / ICO / Founders Reward
P2P Port
RPC Port
Launch Date
September 5th, 2020
Komodod Launch Params

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