Preparing society for the inevitable, when we start living in space.

Countries around the world are focusing more and more on space. Private companies, as well as governemt space organizations and military, are pushing for people to be living in space within the next few years. With people comes the need for trade and a financial infastructure. As well as general information about space made easily available.

Upon leaving the earth, we humans need to united around one currency that can fill many roles and services. The fiat currencies currently on earth will not suffice. Rather than the new civilizations all founding their own currencies and we end up with a situation present on earth, we need one decentralized currency that no one group or government controls.



A blockchain based digital currency to use throughout the universe.

Spacecoin is a digital currency packed with cutting edge features and technology. This puts it in the perfect position to be used as a currency in space.


SpaceWorks is on a mission!

We need to provide people a currency fit for space and the resources to help educate them.

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