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SpaceWorks is a group that recognizes the benefits of decentralized technologies in society. While the ways of countries on earth are reluctant to change, as new civilizations are setup in space in the coming years, decentralized technologies could be used from the start. We find Spacecoin to be the perfect answer to money and all finance. People also need to be more knowledgable and have resources to learn more about space. We think the Internet Space Station will work to fill this need. Learn more about both below.


Advanced technology has an essential importance to space exploration and travel. Here at SpaceWorks we believe blockchain technology is some of the most innovative, powerful, and important technology of the future. The goal of Spacecoin is to provide an advanced digital currency to the space community. Spacecoin can be used as a currency to future space colonies and as a blockchain token to power IoT devices in space. With the help of the SpaceWorks platform and the entire space community around the world, Spacecoin has a large potential userbase. It makes perfect sense that the currency of space would be far more advanced then the typical fiat money of earth. Spacecoin fills that role as the official digital currency of Space!

Internet Space Station


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