Tokens on the Spacecoin (SPACE) blockchain.


Tokens can be used on the SPACE blockchain with ease. The various token RPC methods are available in Spacecoind and Spacecoin-QT.


Tokens are perfect for anyone that doesn't need or want to maintain their own blockain and network. They can also be traded freely on-chain against SPACE.


SPACE tokens are similar to colored coins for Bitcoin and ERC tokens for Ethereum, but they allow you to avoid the high fees and slow blocks of these other chains.


Potential use cases for tokens.


Tokens can be used to represent various different types of assets. From a company stock, to a pegged stablecoin, to on-chain loans. Any financial security is possible.


Tokens can be used as a crowdfunding method for new projects, startup companies, donations, and many other fundraising ojectives.


Tokens can be assigned to real life items to validate the authenticity over its lifetime of ownership. Non Fungible Tokens can be used to cater to this need.

The possible use cases for tokens are endless!


Learn how to use tokens.

Create a Token

Create your own token on the SPACE chain.

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Transfer Tokens

Send tokens from one address to another.

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Trade Tokens

Trade tokens on-chain with SPACE.

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