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Spacecoin Testnet (tSPACE)

A blockchain for testing and developing for Spacecoin (SPACE).


The Spacecoin Testnet (tSPACE) allows developers to test Spacecoin features without using real coins.
The testnet coins have no value. This allows anyone to get them for free and get more aquainted using the technology.
The testnet has on demand blocks. New blocks will only be generated when there are transactions in the mempool.
This keeps the blockchain from growing unnecessarily larger.


- Transactions (Transparent/Private)
- Tokens / NFT's
- CryptoConditions
- Atomic Swaps


The Spacecoin Testnet (tSPACE) can be used with the spacecoin repository.
Follow the same build instructions as you would for Spacecoin (SPACE).
Launch tSPACE with testnetd and interface the daemon using testnet-cli.
Ask on discord to be sent coins for testing.
A block explorer is available at


./komodod -ac_name=tSPACE -ac_supply=3939393 -ac_cc=939 -ac_sapling=1 -addnode= -addnode= -addnode= &

earth from space image 2