Stake Spacecoin (SPACE).

What is Staking?

Staking is a process in which your balance is used to generate new blocks.
If you generate a new block, you earn the coins from the block reward, just like mining.
To stake, you must first have spacecoin. Learn ways you can Get Spacecoin!

Spacecoin Staking

The amount of SPACE blocks you will stake is dependent on how many coins you have.
Your percentage of the total amount of coins staking will roughly equate to how many blocks you'll find.

Transaction UTXO's must be 1 SPACE or greater to be eligible to stake.
UTXO's gain weight for up to a month. The more weight it has, the more chance it has to stake.
Your SPACE wallet must remain online for your node to be able to generate blocks.

50% of spacecoin's blocks are generated via staking. With a new block roughly every 30 seconds, there should be a block to stake every minute.

The Spacecoin Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm works best when coins are sorted into 64 addresses. Each address is assigned a number called a segID. To maximize the odds of staking a block, it is in your best interest to split the balance of your wallet into each of the 64 segID addresses.