Stake Spacecoin (SPACE).

What is Staking?

Staking is a process in which your spacecoin balance is essentially used as "mining power" to generate new spacecoin blocks.
If a wallet generates a new block, it earns the coins from the block reward. The same as mining.
You must have a spacecoin balance to be able to stake. Mine or buy coins first.

About Spacecoin Staking

50% of spacecoin's blocks are generated via staking. Blocks happen about every 30 seconds.
There should be roughly 1 block to stake every 1 minute and 1440 blocks each day.

The Spacecoin proof of stake (PoS) algorithm works best when coins are sorted into 64 addresses. Each address is assigned a number called a segID. To maximize the odds of staking a block, it is in your best interest for your wallet to have your coin balance split into each of the 64 segID addresses.

How to stake?

Option 1
(recommended for maxiumum rewards)

Follow the Spacecoin Staking Node Guide to setup a proper staking node with 64 segID addresses.

Option 2

You can stake with the Spacecoin-QT wallet.
Download Spacecoin-QT, run the software and wait for the blockchain to sync.
Send coins to your wallet. Then return to the spacecoin-qt folder and click on the stake file.