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The direction Spacecoin (SPACE) is heading.

Q1 of 2021

Publish a Spacecoin (SPACE) whitepaper detailing the current features and plans to be usable in space.

Get Spacecoin (SPACE) listed on some exchanges.

Payment Processor:
Provide a way for users to accept Spacecoin for online stores.

Crypto Conditions:
Start using CryptoConditons modules and make them usable for the average person.

Continue growing the Spacecoin community by marketing to crypto and space enthusiasts.

Continue working to get Spacecoin listed on various coin services.

For more information and discussion visit the 2021 Q1 real time roadmap.

As time progresses we will be updating the roadmap with more plans.
For past past quarters please visit SpaceWorksCo/roadmap.

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