The direction Spacecoin (SPACE) is heading.

Q4 of 2020

Add SPACE to atomicDEX, to start trading with atomic swaps.

Lite Wallet:
Release a Lite Wallet so that users don't need to download the whole blockchain.

Start growing the spacecoin community with coin ANN threads targeting crypto and space enthusiasts.

Get Spacecoin listed on various coin services such as coin stat sites and others.

Get Spacecoin setup with Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) security notarizing to KMD.

For more information and discussion visit the 2020 Q4 real time roadmap.

Q1 of 2021

Work with crypto marketing groups to spread the word about SPACE to everyone.

Get Spacecoin listed on some exchanges.

Payment Processor:
Provide software for users to accept Spacecoin for online stores.

Crypto Conditions:
Start testing exisiting CryptoConditons modules and make them usable for the average person.

As time progresses and Spacecoin starts to grow, we will be updating the roadmap with more plans.