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Pass on your Spacecoin (SPACE) and tokens.


Heir Funds can be used on the SPACE blockchain with ease. The various inheritance RPC methods are available in Spacecoind and Spacecoin-QT.


Trust that your funds are secure and can be accessed by only you and eventually your heir. No need to worry about teaching your family or friends on how to access your SPACE and tokens after your death.


Heir Funds can be customized to fit your exact needs. Decide exactly how long before funds can be accessed by the heir. You can also choose to fund it with SPACE or tokens.


Learn how to use Heir Funds.

Create a Fund

Create an Heir Fund on the SPACE chain.

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Add To A Fund

Add Spacecoin or tokens to a fund.

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Claim From A Fund

Claim Spacecoin or tokens from a fund.

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