All available SPACE bounties.

Explorer UI Update
1393 SPACE
Youtube Video
2121 SPACE

Explorer UI Update

This bounty requires making changes to the explorer UI to match the branding of
To claim this bounty you must submit a pull request to the insight-ui-spacecoin github repo.
If multiple PR's are submitted, the one best matching the branding of will win.
Any questions can be directed to @lightspeed393 on the SpaceWorks discord.

Youtube Video

This bounty requires you to create a youtube video giving an overview of Spacecoin (SPACE).
It must be 5 minutes or longer and include information about SPACE features.
This includes mining/staking, private transactions, Tokens/NFT's, atomic swaps, and/or CryptoConditions.
The first person to share a youtube video on their channel following the conditions above will win.
Any questions or claims can be directed to @lightspeed393 on the SpaceWorks discord.